Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Japan is set to commence extension and renovation work by the end of May.

After the completion of the project, KIX will be able to manage nearly 40 million international passengers annually.

The project, which is said to be the region’s biggest airport renovation project for the past five decades, is expected to complete in time for Expo 2025 Osaka in Kansai.

As part of the refurbishment work, the capacity for international flights will be increased and the runway area will be improved.

The airport will also feature new relaxation areas for enhancing the passenger experience.

It will promote the use of Fast Travel, with technologies including a self-service check-in and bag drop facility, e-gates and smart lanes to shorten waiting time for passengers.

VINCI Airports, which operates the airport along with its Japanese partner Orix, noted that the renovated airport will support Japan’s economic growth in the post-Covid-19 period.

Last week, Kansai Airports signed a contract with construction company Obayashi for the renovation of Terminal 1 (T1) at KIX.

This overhaul work will focus on increasing the international flights’ capacity. The work is scheduled to start on 28 May.

These two companies, in collaboration with stakeholders, will also work together on the project to upgrade the facilities and functions of KIX.

VINCI Airports secured the concession of the Kansai and Osaka airports (ITM) in Japan in 2015, marking a strategic development in its expansion outside France.