Japan’s Kansai Airports has signed a contract with construction company Obayashi for the renovation of Terminal 1 (T1) at Kansai International Airport (KIX).

The project will increase the international flights’ capacity, with an aim to enhance passenger experience at the airport.

The overhaul work is scheduled to start on 28 May. Kansai Airports stated that the essential functions of the airport will be available for use in 2025 for the Osaka-Kansai Expo.

Kansai Airports representative director and CEO Yoshiyuki Yamaya and representative director and Co-CEO Benoit Rulleau said: “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported the conclusion of the agreement for the T1 Renovation. As an international airport that plays a vital role in driving the Kansai region’s economy, we are committed to accommodating future air travel demand.

“At the same time, we will strive to provide a new and comfortable travel experience for airport guests, transforming the airport as the First Pavilion of the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025.”

The two companies, in collaboration with stakeholders, will work together on the project to upgrade the facilities and functions of KIX.

Obayashi president and representative director Kenji Hasuwa said: “We will use our best efforts and take every possible measure to ensure quality, safety and health during the construction so that KIX can offer a new terminal experience for all passengers and contribute to the success of the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025 as the First Pavilion for foreign visitors.”

Last month, Kansai Airports announced that it will use an antimicrobial, dirt-proof coating on frequently touched surfaces in KIX.

Chemical manufacturing company SOFT99 has developed the product PROSPEC H-7 Anti-viral Coating for Equipment.