Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opened a new greenfield international airport at Mopa in the state of Goa.

Developed with an investment of $348m (Rs28.7bn), phase I of Mopa International Airport (GOX) will handle around 4.4 million passengers per annum (MPPA). It can be extended to a saturation capacity of 33 MPPA.

Developed with a sustainable infrastructure plan, the new airport features a solar power plant, green buildings, LED lights on the runway, rainwater harvesting and a modern sewage treatment plant with recycling facilities.

It also features the latest technologies such as 5G compatible IT infrastructure, StabilRoad, Robomatic Hollow precast walls, and 3D Monolithic Precast buildings, among others.

It has a runway that can handle the world’s largest aircraft and 14 parking bays along with a night parking facility for aircraft.

In addition, Mopa Airport consists of self-baggage drop facilities, as well as advanced air navigation infrastructure.

Linking multiple domestic and international destinations, the new airport will also serve as a key logistics hub.

The airport is expected to enhance the socioeconomic development of the state besides serving the requirements of the tourism sector.

In a statement, Modi said: “This advanced airport terminal is an attempt to return the affection and blessings of people of Goa.

“Through Manohar International Airport, Parikkar Ji will remain in the memories of all the commuters.

“In last eight years, 72 new airports came compared to 70 airports in the earlier 70 years.”