Fraport’s Brazilian subsidiary, Fraport Brasil, has installed technology firm SITA’s passenger processing technology at Fortaleza Airport (FOR) and Porto Alegre Airport (POA).

In 2017, Fraport signed concession agreements with the Government of Brazil for managing and developing the FOR and POA airports.

Passengers can use the self-service gates by scanning their boarding passes, which will provide automated entry to the security checking area.

This process is expected to decrease airport queues and increase efficiency by four times.

Fraport Brasil installed 26 gates in total, 14 at FOR and 12 at POA.

The solution is capable of integrating SITA’s software and third-party hardware with the current IT infrastructure at the airports. It also allows safe checks against the airport systems.

Fraport Brasil CEO Andreea Pal said: “A significant part of our remit is to invest in infrastructure to transform the passenger experience and make operations highly efficient at these two airports.

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“To do that, we need to provide automation at as many touchpoints as possible, which is why we have installed these gates that read bar-coded boarding passes.”

SITA Latin America vice-president Elbson Quadros said: “There is absolutely no question that passengers want automation because it makes their journey through the airport much smoother. And, because it takes away the need for manual checks at every stage of the journey, it is both more accurate and makes more efficient use of the airport’s resources, from staff to real estate.”’

In December, SITA partnered with LATAM Airlines Group to install its Scan&Fly self-service bag drop units across 18 airports in five Latin American countries.