El Paso International Airport (ELP) in Mexico has selected LiveReach Media (LRM) to measure passenger wait times and offer passenger flow management technology.

LRM’s exclusive sensing technology is capable of identifying airport bottlenecks and enabling a smoother travel experience.

El Paso Airport will be able to display wait time information to travellers on digital signage using LiveReach’s Content Management Solution.

ELP Aviation assistant director Tony Nevarez said: “El Paso International Airport is excited to launch this new and innovative partnership with LiveReach Media. They have equipped us with intelligent technology that aligns with our core mission of providing exceptional customer service.

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“We believe that by using this data and providing expected wait times, we can help give passengers a less stressful travel experience while simultaneously being operationally proactive in dealing with periods of high passenger volume.”

In the future, LRM’s computer vision-based solutions will be capable of providing demographic information in the airport while maintaining privacy.

Airports using LRM’s computer vision-based solutions will be able to observe demographic information from the airport while complying with the privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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LiveReach Media cofounder Abhi Jain said: “We’ve made deliberate choices with our hardware to ensure reasonable deployment costs and invested heavily in machine learning talent to develop a sophisticated computer vision and RF sensing software stack to provide our clients the best value.”

In December, NEC Corporation introduced a wait time prediction system at the international passenger terminal of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

Waiting Time Forecast System evaluates the congestion at the airport’s security inspection area.