NEC Corporation has introduced a wait time prediction system at the international passenger terminal of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

Waiting Time Forecast System evaluates the congestion at the airport’s security inspection area.

The system has been operating in the airport from October this year and is now offering fully automated waiting time forecasts.

It uses crowd behaviour analysis technology and the company’s artificial intelligence technology portfolio, NEC the WISE.

It is equipped with 3D stereo-visual sensors that are capable of identifying passenger movements on the screen.

The solution analyses the information regarding the flow of passengers and provides a real-time congestion status with waiting times.

NEC Corporation Smart Infrastructure Division general manager Kazuo Watanabe said: “In addition to airport systems, NEC will continue to develop advanced ICT-based solutions and services, including video analysis technologies, for introduction to stadiums, theme parks and other leading facilities.

“NEC positions its safety business as an engine for global growth, and will continue to promote the NEC Safer Cities initiative for building smart cities based on proprietary technologies that support safety, security and contribute to the creation of an affluent society.”

In July, NEC Corporation received a contract from Japan Customs under the Ministry of Finance. The contract involved supplying a facial recognition system to six major Japanese airports.

New Chitose Airport, Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu International Airport, Kansai International Airport and Fukuoka Airport are expected to introduce the technology by March next year.