Denver International Airport (DIA) in the US has announced that its projected plan for the Great Hall Completion project received approval from Denver City Council.

This is the last phase of the Great Hall Project.

The approved $1.3bn budget covers contingency and will be financed by airport revenues.

Under the Great Hall complete phase, a new security checkpoint with improved technology will be added on the northeast side of Level 6.

This will allow the airport to create additional screening lanes, expanding the capacity by over 60%.

Along with spacious ticketing zones, new check-in areas will be established on the south end of Level 6 for all remaining airlines.

The airport will also renew restrooms and replace flooring, lighting, heating, cooling and fire protection systems, along with elevators/escalators.

DIA stated that supplementary enhancements to the Jeppesen Terminal will also deliver several benefits to travellers.

It will generate 6,500 direct and 500 indirect job opportunities.

The capacity of the terminal will be increased to handle at least 100 million passengers annually.

By beginning design on key components, the airport will soon commence the design work on the completion phase.

The airport aims to start construction work later this year, with plans to complete it between 2027 and 2028.

After the completion of the design work, a more definitive timeline will be set.

At present, the second phase of the Great Hall Project is progressing and will be completed by mid-2024.

For the first and second phases, Hensel Phelps is serving as the contractor.

Last month, DIA completed the initial phase of the Great Hall Project renovation.