Denver International Airport (DIA) in the US has upgraded its Lost and Found services with an aim to help passengers locate their lost belongings left at the airport.

It has deployed a new Lost and Found Software system that has been provided by Hallmark Aviation Services.

It will enable agents to click a picture of a found item with any text on it and the system will recognise, identify, and classify the item.

Thereafter, passengers can find their lost items by submitting a claim, along with the description and the date it was lost.

After registering the case, the system searches for a match, allowing the Lost and Found agents to locate the missing item.

In a statement, DIA said: “It is free and easy to file a claim for a lost item through DIA. Remember, DIA will never charge passengers to file a claim for a lost item.  There are many websites attempting to impersonate the airport and asking for a fee.”

Passengers can submit their claim on the airport’s website and then navigate to the lost and found webpage.

According to the airport, some of the items that are usually left behind include sunglasses, IDs, backpacks, jackets and small electronics.

Due to sanitary reasons, the airport has not included water bottles, hats, pillows, or blankets under the Lost and Found system.

Eventually, the unclaimed things are placed for auction through the City of Denver after a period of 30 days.

The airport’s Lost and Found team usually processes over 2,600 lost belongings in a month, which is down from nearly 4,800 a month in 2019.

With the increase in passenger traffic, this number is expected to rise in the future.

In June, the airport achieved a milestone in Great Hall Project’s phase one by moving construction walls in the middle of the Jeppesen Terminal on Level 5.