Denver International Airport (DIA) in the US has achieved a milestone in Great Hall Project’s phase one by starting to move construction walls in the middle of the Jeppesen Terminal on Level 5.

This will reveal finished space and enable the construction activities to shift towards the south of the airport.

The crew workers are expected to finish the new configuration by 23 June.

Once completed, the passengers arriving at the terminal will be required to exit the train and navigate north for baggage claim, passenger pick-up and ground transportation.

Under the existing configuration, the passengers have to move to the south.

After shifting the current walls, a newly completed space on Level 5, including new flooring and renovated restrooms, will be unveiled.

This new open space will result in improved passenger flow to baggage claim and ground transportation.

DIA CEO Kim Day said: “Phase I, which includes new ticketing pods for United and Southwest primarily, will be completed on time and on budget by the end of the year. Additionally, in early July, we will begin Phase 2 of the project, which will construct a new security checkpoint in the northwest corner of Level 6.”

At present, two phases, which will cost around $770m, have been mapped out for the Great Hall Project, with the airport assessing a potential third phase.

While phase one is expected to be completed by the end of this year, the next phase will be finished by mid-2024.

The project aims to improve security and operational efficiency and enhance the terminal capacity to 80 million passengers.

Originally, the terminal was designed to manage nearly 50 million passengers. In 2019, DIA accommodated around 70 million passengers.

In March, the Denver City Council sanctioned nearly $112m in 11 contracts for the construction and maintenance operations at DIA.