Chinese technology company Huawei has introduced the latest Airport Cloud-Network Solution amid increased focus on the digital transformation of airports.

The solution is designed to help airports improve operational efficiency, as well as enhance security and passenger experience.

Particularly, Airport Cloud-Network Solution includes airport terminal access network, backbone network, cloud data centre network and integrated network security.

According to the company, the solution leverages AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 to create a gigabit wireless access network across the airport terminal building for continuous coverage. The system also eliminates blind spots and increases coverage distance by 20%.

The solution uses IPv6+ technology to develop a centralised backbone network for multiple services. This enables the backbone network to completely accommodate various services such as security checks, retail and ground handling.

It also supports automatic network deployment to expedite service provisioning. The Airport Cloud-Network Solution also utilises intelligent technologies to predict and locate faults.

Additionally, Huawei’s solution rolls out a cloud-network-security collaboration system to detect threats and for intelligent analysis. The technology offers real-time insights and enables the detection of threats with an accuracy of more than 96%.

Huawei Data Communication Product Line vice-president Alex Sun said: “With continuous technological innovations on airport security, efficiency and experience, Huawei will continue to work with more customers and partners worldwide to advance the Airport Cloud-Network Solution, in turn boosting digital transformation for smart airports.”

The solution was launched Huawei CONNECT 2021 event. This year’s theme is Dive into Digital.

In 2018, Huawei launched Smart Airport 2.0 Solution.