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Canadian business jets manufacturer Bombardier has cancelled plane orders placed by Russian firms or owners due to sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, Reuters has reported.

Along with General Dynamics Corp’s Gulfstream, Bombardier is one of the major suppliers of jets to Russian owners.

Bombardier has also decided not to sell spare parts to customers who register or operate their planes in Russia.

Bombardier CEO Eric Martel said that his lawyers are working on the Western sanctions, with the greatest complexity being the management of aircraft spare parts.

He explained that the private jet manufacturer has cut its trade with Russia and is now ensuring that shipped aircraft parts are not later equipped in planes owned by a sanctioned person or business entity.

Martel was quoted by Reuters as saying: “We need to ensure when we deliver spare parts who’s going to be the end-user.”

The Bombardier chief did not disclose details about the number of orders that the company cancelled or put off, but he said that there were not that many.

Martel added that the company is still selling aircraft parts in other areas of Europe.

Martel commented: “The market is so strong that we can redeploy these aircraft in other regions.”

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill to allow airline companies in the country to register aircraft leased from foreign firms and operate them domestically.