ADB Safegate has introduced its portfolio of integrated and compatible solutions to boost airfield performance, safety and sustainability.

Known as Reliance, the portfolio includes omni lights, an LED sign and the Red / Green taxiway centerline light.

It also includes a transistor CCR, Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS) and Individual Light Control and Monitoring System (ILCMS).

The new product line is said to be fully compatible and modular. It has been designed to strengthen airfield efficiency and safety while cutting expenses and environmental impact.

ADB Safegate CEO Christian Onselaere said: “With rising air traffic and shorter windows to perform airfield maintenance, an airfield light is not just a light. It’s part of an ecosystem of solutions enabling efficient and safe airport performance.

“Reliance builds on our 70-plus years of AGL experience. We’ve cherry-picked our very best solutions and combined them to create this portfolio.

“Reliance products are intelligent, future-ready, fully compatible, more robust, and easier to integrate and maintain. With the airfield operating smoothly, airports can focus on other aspects of their business.”

Based on the integrated intelligence, the Reliance Red / Green taxiway centerline light can also be used as a stop bar. The light can be changed from green to red, giving pilots a clear message to stop.

As a result, the airport will not have to install a separate stop bar at taxiway intersections.

Reliance LED omnidirectional lights are suitable for taxiway edge and apron stand guidance. Reliance LED sign has been designed to manage higher wind load requirements and perform well under severe conditions.

With the installation of Reliance intelligent airfield portfolio products, the airports can witness improved performance, safety and sustainability.

In July, ADB Safegate received a contract from the Moroccan Airports Authority to modernise its legacy IT systems across 22 airports in Morocco.