Our primary services consist of designing baggage handling, communication and security systems for airport terminal buildings; designing air traffic control facilities, airfield ground lighting and air navigation systems. We also provide expertise in
aircraft ground services, including aircraft hydrant refueling, aircraft ground power (400Hz), pre-conditioned air systems; passenger loading bridges in various configurations, precision docking systems and apron lighting.


In the 1960s, Deerns Consulting Engineers was involved in the development of the new Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. This involvement continues to this day, where Deerns is responsible for the design and engineering of expansion and renovation

Through our German subsidiary, Schmidt – Reuter we are involved in expansion and renovation projects at Frankfurt Airport. With Netherlands Airport Consultants, NACO, we have been responsible for airport design, from concept to bidding documents and
project supervision, for hundreds of airports in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Africa.