The aviation sector is witnessing a transformative phase with the integration of biometric technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in airport operations. Vision-Box, a prominent player in this field, has been recognised with two awards, in the Innovation and Product Launches categories, in the 2024 Airport Technology Excellence Awards.

The company won the recognition for its innovative Free Flow corridor and the underlying technology, which has been designed to streamline the travel process, offering a contactless and seamless journey for travellers

Revolutionising traveller experience with Free Flow

Launched in November 2023 at the Dubai Air Show, the Free Flow system enhances the traveller experience by eliminating traditional control barriers. The system creates a risk-based digital ecosystem that utilises mobile experience, consented data, smart infrastructure allocation, and free flow forward workflows. The integration of these elements results in a contactless and uninterrupted traveller experience, which is a significant shift from the conventional gated access controls that often lead to queues and passenger frustration.

One of the core components of the Free Flow system is the use of biometrics through corridors, integrated with an advanced camera system and a passenger guidance configuration. The technology replaces narrow access controls with smart, wider corridors equipped with AI-based image processing and tracking technology.


Enhancing operational efficiency and security

The system’s ability to combine smartphone biometric registration through Vision-Box’s Seamless Mobile®, advanced camera systems, and intuitive passenger guidance configurations ensures a smooth travel experience. Seamless Mobile® allows travellers to use their mobile devices to project their identity into the digital domain. Travellers can now arrive at the airport pre-cleared for their journey, navigating effortlessly and ready to take flight, which significantly reduces queue times and enhances the overall travel experience.

Personalising the journey with interactive technology

The inclusion of the Avatar feature in Vision-Box’s Free Flow corridor represents an additional layer of innovation aimed at enhancing the traveller experience. The Avatar, a premium feature in the market, is designed to interact with travellers through a 3D element, transforming user experience by replacing traditional instructions with a customised Avatar that aligns with the client’s brand and image. The Avatar’s ability to communicate interactively adds a human touch to the digital journey, potentially increasing user satisfaction and comfort with the technology.

Vision-Box Free Flow corridor

Seamless integration across the travel ecosystem

The benefits of the Free Flow corridor extend to various stakeholders within the airport ecosystem. For airlines and airports, the system offers faster, more secure, and improved traveller journeys. It removes bottlenecks by allowing check-in, document checks, and enrolments to be made before the journey on a traveller’s phone. This level of automation and operational performance improvement is complemented by the highest standard of security and privacy, with the fastest throughput. The interconnected data ecosystem orchestrates real-time data with biometric devices within a collaborative ecosystem, further enhancing operational efficiency.

For travellers, the Free Flow corridor provides a contactless and seamless airport journey. The need to show documents is eliminated, reducing time spent in queues and allowing more time for leisure or other activities within the airport. Dynamic customer activation and mobile notifications further personalise the experience.

The Free Flow corridor is underpinned by the Vision-Box Seamless Journey Platform®, which orchestrates complex information and offers contactless self-service experiences powered by biometrics and customer-centric analytics in a privacy-first identity management solution. The platform serves as a collaborative ecosystem between multiple stakeholders, enhancing security, customer experience, and operational efficiency.

Vision-Box’s technology is alternatively available for travellers opting in for registration on their own at the airport, through biometrically enabled self-service check-in kiosks via Vision-Box’s Seamless Kiosks® or assisted at check-in counters via Vision-Box’s Seamless Desk®. These solutions are adaptable to the evolving requirements of travellers, travel operators, and border forces, ensuring a unique, optimised, and secure experience. They facilitate self-service enrolment and verification, further streamlining the passenger journey and reducing the need for manual processing.

Vision-Box seamless integration

Vision-Box’s Free Flow corridor, thus, represents a significant advancement in airport technology, setting a new benchmark for seamless travel experiences. By leveraging innovative biometric technology, smart infrastructure, and intuitive workflows, Free Flow not only streamlines airport operations, but also enhances security and convenience for travellers. Vision-Box’s commitment to delivering solutions that prioritise efficiency, security, and passenger satisfaction is evident in the Free Flow corridor, which is paving the way towards a world where every journey is truly seamless and interconnected.

Alessandro Minucci, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Vision-Box, states “Winning two prestigious awards in the Innovation and Product Launches categories at the 2024 Airport Technology Excellence Awards underscores Vision-Box’s commitment to pioneering end-to-end biometric travel technologies. At Vision-Box, we are dedicated to revolutionising the traveller journey, seamlessly integrating innovative technology to enhance security, convenience, and efficiency. Our vision transcends borders—we aspire to create a world where every aspect of the journey is seamlessly connected, and simplified to the utmost through biometric technology, with the traveller always remaining centre stage. This recognition not only validates our tireless efforts, but also reaffirms our commitment to shaping the global travel landscape and setting unprecedented standards for excellence.”

Davydson Carnelossi, Head of Product Innovation at Vision-Box, says: “We are very proud to receive these two awards. This recognition confirms that the dedication and vision of our team are on the right path. The Free Flow corridor is the result of our development from a deep understanding of the industry and our customers’ needs. After all, this solution represents the best experience that will follow the growing number of passengers, simplify and improve the traveller experience. The future of travel is here, and we are excited to lead the way.”

Company Profile

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Vision-Box is a technology company that has redefined travel and border control globally by creating a connected digital world between all stakeholders in the aviation market, from, airlines to airports and border agencies, allowing the whole traveller journey to become contactless.

Vision-Box envisions a future where travel is simplified through innovative biometric technology, providing a more secure and efficient process for the always connected passenger. Vision-Box’s solutions are based on a biometric services platform that connects all stakeholders, making travel and border crossing effortless through advanced machine learning algorithms and easy-to-use interfaces.

Founded in 2001, the company is now present on five continents, with its digital identity solutions being used by more than two billion travellers in more than 100 countries worldwide. It is a world leader in travel biometrics, automated border management, and digital identity management solutions.

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