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PosiCharge ProCore™ for Battery Charging

The PosiCharge ProCore™ Series is a premium intelligent charging family that supports and charges any material handling battery, regardless of type, brand, chemistry, voltage or size. With power ranges from 5kW to 30kW, multi-voltage flexibility and value-added options, ProCore is ideal for your entire fleet. A small, lightweight, powerful, highly efficient charger, ProCore is easy to use and provides extreme flexibility with multiple customisation options. It takes up minimal floor space and requires no specific training to mount, install, and update. ProCore's powerstage modules offer scalability for any forklift fleet, from the smallest to the largest operations. ProCore's modular design makes it easy to service, upgrade, troubleshoot, and repurpose, and its robust architecture makes it highly customizable. Compatible with both BMID and non-BMID and CAN devices. Download to find out more.

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