Si ATM Tower Simulator

Si ATM delivered the upgrade of the Tower Simulator, product name TSim, to Latvian Air Navigation Service Provider LGS in May 2013 in Riga, Latvia.

The Tower Simulator Upgrade consisted of the installation of a secondary visual system, as a complement to the existing primary visual system. The primary visual is a 220 degrees projection environment which resembles the tower environment identically. The secondary visual is a three monitor environment and has a smaller scale.

Both visual systems can operate in parallel on the same exercise, which gives great benefits for training and evaluation of pilots who can use the secondary system for their purposes. Both systems can also work separately on different exercises, enabling multiple training sessions to be executed simulaneously.


Both primary and secondary systems can be used for playback of exercises or live operation for both training and debriefing purposes. The synchronised playback functionality is applicable to the screens, voice communication, and visualisation systems.