UFL Group’s design and development team of innovators and product designers are constantly engaging in improvement in passenger facilitation. With over four decades as a recognised leading solutions company, UFL has developed various specialised furniture ranges, including quality terminal seating, all forms of airport counters and efficient public guidance systems enabling controlled passenger facilitation, all of which can be customised to suit the style and appearance of any terminal project.

The recently released S-Series advanced check-in counter is a contemporary example of space saving in check in areas. The UFL-designed product can provide up to 25% more check-in counters over conventional equipment. General manager of international sales, Shaun Storck, said: “Efficient space planning has become more important as airports try to fit increasing passenger numbers into existing facilities. This has meant that passenger facilities such as counters and ancillary equipment need to decrease in size and increase in numbers to cope.”

The S-Series advanced check-in counter is a design solution incorporating style and the best utilisation of space at check-in. With technological advancements featuring a ‘pivoting’ work surface, the S-Series check-in counter provides a modern architectural look distinctly different to standard box-type check-in desks while allowing a greater number of counters in the same area. With numerous finishing options and flexibility of operation, the S-Series counter offers compactness, space efficiency and modern design.

With the return of growth to air travel, airports are now focused on services for low cost carriers directly relating to regional business and tourist networks. It is therefore important that the modern airport not only functions well, but reflects the image of the area.

There is also more emphasis on passenger accommodation, including the study and awareness of textures and colours, to add appeal to airport facilities. Additionally, the increase in passenger numbers has led to an emphasis on advanced electronic systems for passenger facilitation and more specially designed products to assist passenger flow.

UFL has completed airport terminal projects in 19 countries with services including planning, detailing, supply, installation and servicing of all interior furnishing elements.