This year Voice Perfect’s Boarding Gate Application (BGA) has been successfully launched to compliment the Automatic Voice Announcement system SCAS-Air. In developing this system it is known that different airports have an assortment of terminals with a wide variety of ages, connectivity and functionality installed at their gates with or without a network link. The BGA is designed to sit upon and address as many eventualities as possible. If there is no network link, then SCAS-Air starts from a different standpoint and provides one.

The common factor is that SCAS-Air’s Boarding Application is written in Java which can run on most known processors. Whilst in no way disabling any live announcing facility, Java allows the airline check-in staff to select the correct flight number and set up for broadcast all relevant information required to board through that gate. The voice, voice quality and intelligibility are exactly the same as each passenger has experienced in being processed thus far through the airport.