The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) specifies that the ‘marking and / or lighting of obstacles is intended to reduce hazards to aircraft by indicating the presence of obstacles.’ Although the ICAO regulations deal predominantly with fixed obstacles, there is currently an influx of high rise construction work that is calling for the marking of temporary or semi-permanent cranes. When this high rise construction work is within inner-cities, close to airports or helicopter landing sites, it is imperitive to consider marking your obstruction with the appropriate warning lights.

Delta Obstruction Lighting have, for many years, led the way in the development, manufacture and installation of high-performance LED obstruction beacons that not only meet, but exceed Civil Aviation Authority and international Civil Aviation Organisation requirements.

The use of an LED array on the lights creates a long lasting unit that is easily assembled and operated. All units are designed to be compact, efficient and safe, with low maintenance requirements.

Delta Obstruction Lighting has recently assisted with the design, manufacture and installation of the aircraft warning light systems for the two newly erected tower cranes on the construction project near Battersea Power Station. These two tower cranes replace the ones that collapsed at the end of 2006.

The client approached Delta Obstruction Lighting with a desire that their site was as safe as it could be and, with a heliport nearby, they ensured that they covered every eventuality by installing a comprehensive lighting system on site.