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Digital Signage Systems for Airports

SpinetiX Headquarters,
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The SpinetiX HMP100™ (hyper media player) is a fully featured network display controller for digital signage, video walls and kiosks. It allows to simultaneously and dynamically blend any kind of media from any network source and to position it anywhere in the scene. Moreover it is compatible with any digital signage frontend through standard XML languages.

Digital signage for airports

What does the HMP100 mean for airports? First of all the display controller is a very small embedded and purpose-build device. This means that the device is extremely reliable and that there are no maintenance costs. Secondly, thanks to open standard technologies it can be easily integrated into existing solutions or being used to create additional applications for travelers (eg: instant messaging for evacuation solutions, audio-video streaming, touch screens for kiosk applications, integrations with RFID, GPS and 3G, etc). The HMP100 is not just a simple media player, it is a platform which allows to connect news, weather and airport information. It can be used for way-finding, flight tables, advertisement and emergency notifications. All this with this little box which is not only extremely compact and reliable but also environmentally friendly (only 2W of power consumption).

Compact, energy-efficient digital airport signage system

The SpinetiX HMP100 means professional reliability for 24/7 use:

  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Durable aluminium chassis
  • Simple zero config network integration
  • Confidence with remote network monitoring
  • Automatic failsafe system
  • Secure from virus and windows issues
  • Lowest cost of ownership with life time warranty
  • Seamless integration thanks to open standards
  • HMP100 connects to databases
  • To frontend systems (flight schedules, alarm integration, CCTV streaming, nearest bust station schedules, parking management …)
  • To backend systems (building management, access control, evacuation instructions …)
  • Unified workflows and processes (baggage claims, visual announcements, status management)
  • Focus on core business

It also incorporates several security features for peace-of-mind, including:

  • Deployed in military projects and military aviation projects after four-month security audit (best choice)
  • Totally controlled by your current web security mechanism
  • No windows and network threats, no antivirus issues, no PC blue screens anymore
  • Limited bandwidth usage without single point of failure
  • HMP100 comes with life-time warranty

Future-proof digital signage systems for airports

Currently, one of the most misguided airport strategies is to use a PC-based advertisement solution without anticipating of future integration possibilities. The HMP100 is the unique alternative to proprietary, PC-based solutions which allows you to integrate with a parking system, queuing system or to simply show ‘go-to-gate’ messages mixed with entertainment. Without the need for central servers and without any recurring licence fees, the SpinetiX devices are easy to install. Moreover the compact equipment comes with a life-time warranty as there is no need for maintenance. This makes HMP100 digital signage a truly future proof, cost-effective and interoperable system thanks to the use open standard technologies.

About SpinetiX

SpinetiX is a Swiss company founded in 2006 by an international team of experienced entrepreneurs. It is a high-tech solution-focused corporation with solid expertise in networked digital video and embedded systems. Targeting the digital signage market, SpinetiX has created the first hyper media player solution. This breakthrough technology enables the user to schedule, combine, stream, update, animate and display in real-time video, audio, graphics and text on any digital video display with low acquisition and operational costs.

SpinetiX Wins AV and DOOH Award

SpinetiX is celebrating the success in winning the Best Digital Signage Product (category sponsored by Sony) at the AV Awards as well as being involved in the DOOH Award 2010, Installation Gold Award won by key partner, Madrid-based Tecnilogica Soluciones Avanzadas for the Spanish Senate project

SpinetiX Announces Technology Relationship with Texas Instruments

SpinetiX is delighted to announce a new business relationship with Texas Instruments (TI), the globally renowned silicon manufacturer, supporting SpinetiX technology as its reference designer for digital signage solutions. SpinetiX currently uses Texas Instruments DaVinci video processo


SpinetiX Headquarters

Rue des Terreaux, 17

1003 Lausanne