Watch the on-demand webinar about keeping track of obstacles at the airport and surrounding areas, and why it is vital for ensuring safe airport operations. Transoft Solutions’ Senior Product Manager, Michael Frost, will show you why and how to use the obstacle clearance compliance tool, SkySAFE, to accurately and efficiently analyse permanent or temporary obstacles.

In the webinar, you will see a typical workflow used to create the airport runway environment, complete with protected surfaces and zones to be evaluated against natural or man-made obstacles for mitigation planning.

The presenter will guide you through the basic concepts centring around:

  • Setting up the project
  • Creating and defining runways
  • Importing or creating obstacles and terrains
  • Building protected airspace surfaces
  • Evaluating obstacles or terrains against protected airspace surfaces and reporting conflicts/penetrations
  • Preparing graphics for documentation

To watch the webinar, please visit our website.