Transoft Solutions, developers of productivity enhancing software for the transportation engineering community, has just announced the release of a new 3D version product line for the AeroTURN software suite. Both AeroTURN and AeroTURN Pro will see the latest development in three dimensional technologies for airport planning and design in addition to improvements to their regular 2D software versions. New aircraft and ground support vehicles have been added to AeroTURN database along with new passenger boarding bridges for AeroTURN Pro.

As a leading industry software standard, AeroTURN is used by airport engineers and designers worldwide to plan aircraft aprons and stands, as well as to help assess aircraft maneuvers for all types of airport projects such as planning and designing runways, taxiways, and cargo handling areas. The more comprehensive AeroTURN Pro software includes the ability to perform docking simulations between aircraft and passenger boarding bridges for airport gate design.

The new AeroTURN 3D product line now goes beyond swept path checking capabilities, allowing users to work with three dimensional aircraft and ground support vehicle models to generate 3D tracking envelopes and 3D swept paths respectively. These 3D simulations can even be modeled on a terrain with varying elevation allowing airport designers to better visualize optimal height clearances and safety zones. 3D conflict detection and dynamic warnings also permit users to identify and report on any potential collision points between aircraft, service vehicles, ground equipment and stationary objects from runway to apron.

The latest AeroTURN Pro 3D software comes with all the regular AeroTURN 3D aircraft and ground vehicle simulation features, together with the ability to generate three dimensional docking simulations using realistic 3D aircraft and passenger boarding bridges. This will allow stakeholders to interpret different docking simulations much more effectively. AeroTURN Pro 3D also includes new updates to the gate setup feature with defined fuel pit operational areas and automatic warnings when a parked aircraft wingtip intrudes upon the set spacing of another aircraft at an adjacent stand.

Michael Frost, Product Manager for Transoft Solutions had this to say about the new release, "We are excited with the evolution of the AeroTURN line. By incorporating technology improvements and furthering the development of new innovative abilities for plotting 3D aircraft movements and collision detection, the new three dimensional features will help clients confidently deliver safer airport design projects on time and on budget."