The Gobi Desert in Mongolia is one of the more inhospitable places on Earth, and the best way in or out is by plane. When the Mongolian Government decided to exploit a gold mine in the desert, a new runway, terminal building and air traffic control tower were constructed.

Conditions in the Gobi desert can be extreme, the air very clear and the sun very bright. The REFLEX-ROL Aviation shading systems were specified for their ability to eliminate glare and dazzle to provide a clear and unencumbered view of the runway and skies above the airfield.

Why REFLEX-ROL? The company has built a solid reputation over the years with a ‘will do and can do’ attitude and providing its clients with turnkey operations.

A surveyor from the company will visit the tower in order to take exact sizes prior to manufacture and a team will go out to do the actual installation. This means the company can give a full five-ear warranty on the system.

The materials used are all aluminium and 99% of the systems are fully recyclable.

The daylight filters / reflectors used are the industry standard type AR760, which can now be found in towers across Europe from Mexico to Vietnam and now also in the famous and beautiful Gobi Desert.