Rhino Engineering Group and Jewers Doors Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership which will see Rhino proactively selling Jewers’ Phoenix range of insulated sliding and sliding/folding doors.

Jewers’ door systems operate similarly to Rhino’s own range of high-security vehicle access doors and will be offered to customers requiring a more cost-effective solution than Rhino’s CPNI doors, which are typically designed for use within sites which require high-security solutions.

The Phoenix range will be complementary to Rhino’s existing range of products and will provide customers with the ability to source a wider choice of doors, with different ratings and capabilities, from a single source.

This new partnership will see Rhino selling three doors from the Phoenix range: Osprey, Swift and Kingfisher, and branding these as Rhino-SFI, Rhino-FI, and Rhino-SI, respectively. Rhino-SFI will be the sliding/folding variant while Rhino-FI and Rhino-SI will be bi-folding and sliding only, respectively.

As part of this new agreement, Rhino Site Systems Limited, the in-house door installation and maintenance wing of Rhino Engineering Group, will also become an approved installer for the Phoenix door range.

Rhino Engineering Group managing director Stuart Lawrence said: “We’re delighted to be embarking on this new collaboration with Jewers Doors, diversifying our product range to enhance the support we provide to our customers.

”Jewers has a brilliant national and international reputation, and we’re looking forward to working closely with them to develop a partnership that delivers real value to both companies.”

Director of Jewers’ Phoenix range Mark Jewers added: “An alliance with Rhino Engineering Group opens up several market sectors, where Jewers haven’t traditionally been strong with our Phoenix products, and we relish the opportunity to work with a company we have respected for several decades.”

To find out more about Rhino’s existing range of security-rated CPNI sliding/folding doors, please follow the links on our profile.