HOG Technologies has prided itself on creating a safer world for travellers. We understand the negative effects of rubber build-up on runways whenever an aircraft lands.

HOG Technologies remains HOG strong and committed to the airport industry through these tough times as we understand the meaning of the forthcoming surge in air travel means for runways.

When a plane lands, the rubber from the tires embeds itself into the pavement. Over time, these deposits create a smoother surface which, in turn, lessens the amount of friction needed for tires to grip the surface and land safely. Imagine this being expedited with an incoming surge of air travel. Because of this, rubber removal becomes crucial as it helps restore the friction to the runway’s surface so planes can touchdown and land safely.

Traditionally, airports have used harsh and abrasive chemicals to clean their runways. These harmful chemicals not only consume more time to remove rubber deposits but also require more personnel and equipment. The chemical runoff from these removals is not environmentally sound either. The chemicals are often abrasive and pose a health risk to workers performing the job. By only using clean, potable water and zero chemicals, the Stripe HOG is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous to a worker’s health. Water is also capable of reaching deep down into the pavement’s macrotexture and microtexture to clean it efficiently with the least amount of negative impact to the surface.

Airports in the US have trusted the Stripe HOG for their rubber removal and paint rejuvenation needs. Jim Moorehead of Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) purchased the first SH8000 in the US in 2006. 14 years have passed and now 92% of North American airports that own a water blaster also own a Stripe HOG. In addition, the Stripe HOG is making an impact in the EU as Prague Airport (PRG) proudly owns one of HOG’s award-winning water blasters. In fact, we now have Stripe HOGs owned in 56 countries around the world and these Stripe HOGs have operated or performed jobs in over 80 countries with our machines.

Using 2,750bar (40,000 pounds per square inch [psi]) of pressure, a Stripe HOG can do more than just remove rubber deposits from runways. A Stripe HOG can also remove or rejuvenate airfield markings, clean and prepare surfaces, or even retexture surfaces.

When it comes to the Stripe HOG, size matters, and we have yours. We provide a variety of different vehicles in different formats. We offer Stripe HOGs that are power take-off (PTO) or auxiliary engine-driven. Some of our Stripe HOGs can be mounted to a chassis, skid, or trailer for added versatility. No matter the model, our Stripe HOGs all operate at 2,750bar (40,000psi) with varying flow rates from 91lpm (24.0gpm) to 17lpm (5.2gpm).

In order to ensure the best results for any job, HOG Technologies created a robust training programme called HOG Tech University. In fact, we are the only water blasting manufacturer with a training programme that will require an operator to have a license to use the equipment. Operators must become licensed and they must retest to renew their license. This is to make sure that the equipment continues to operate properly, is maintained optimally, and the best results are achieved on any job.