Comsoft Solutions has announced its new organisation chart, establishing six clear business units, and appointing six experienced Comsoft Solutions employees as business unit directors.

Managing director Gerald Enzinger stated: "The new structure has honed together the experience and knowledge base within each area of expertise, creating clear divisions, with a view to enabling further growth within the business. We are confident that this new dynamic will prove successful and rewarding as well as enhancing the service we provide to our customers through the specialist focus that can be provided by each unit director."

The business units are as follows:

  • Aeronautical information management (AIM): headed by Ulrich Kaage, who has a 14-year history at Comsoft Solutions, 11 of those in AIM
  • Message handling systems (AMHS): headed by Uwe Kurpat, who has already dedicated three decades to Comsoft Solutions AMHS
  • Surveillance data distribution (SDD): headed by Wenzel Forster, who has spent 14 years developing surveillance data networks for Comsoft Solutions
  • Surveillance automation solutions (SAS): headed by Jörge Junge, who has led Comsoft Solutions common services and infrastructure for the last two years, with more than 20 years of prior experience in roles from IT project manager to department head for telecommunication, billing, automotive and power generation industries
  • Surveillance display initiatives (SDI): headed by Frank Kulasik, who has spent 22 years at Comsoft Solutions in roles including head of AMHS, head of product management and head of product engineering
  • Surveillance distribution processing (SDP): headed by Robert Clauß, with 18 years of Comsoft Solutions experience in a variety of roles, including head of SDP, director of product development and engineering, and head of ATM automation.

Since becoming a member of the Frequentis Group in January 2016, the Comsoft Solutions management team have had a clear vision for strengthening the company and expanding the project and product portfolio, while continuing to affirm their abilities as a competent and reliable partner.