Si ATM building

Si ATM has successfully delivered the Hong Kong Ultimate Fallback System, as part of a contract for the new Hong Kong ATM system.

The UFS encompasses a surveillance data processing system including multi-sensor tracking functions for radar, MLAT and ADS-B, a full set of safety nets, including approach path monitoring, and a large number of controller working positions. The human-machine-interface resembles the main system’s displays in order to facilitate controller interactions and training.

About Si ATM

Si ATM AB is an air traffic management system integration company with over 30 years of experience in the installation of operational systems and simulators to air navigation service providers, training institutes, and other aviation organisations throughout the world.

Si ATM is located in Sundbyberg, which is close to Stockholm in Sweden. The company specialises in the development of highly advanced technology for tower, approach, and area control centres, integrated into variety of other systems.

The company’s main achievements are the maintenance of the Moscow ACC operating system, which went operational in 1981. Quality ATM technology based on Eurocontrol requirements was implemented in 1996 in Riga, Latvia, and in 2004 in Bahrain, Middle East, and more recently in 2012 in Moldavia and 2013 in Hong Kong.

Si ATM is known for its high quality and low risk integration of ATM systems. Flexibility and low cost maintenance solutions distinguish the company in the competitive market of air traffic management.