DC Power

The PS series of 28vDC Ground Power Units utilise the latest in power technology to provide aircraft with 28vDC power in a flexible and cost effective way. They can be used in workshops, aircraft maintenance hangars and aprons where low noise, ease of use and small sizes are demanded. The units have been designed by people who use them day in day out, and we’ve learned from that experience in the features included and the ways in which operators interact with the unit.

The unit come in three types: starter, continuous power and combination units (start + continuous). They’re small, light, and easily portable and as a result they can be operated by one person and located close to the aircraft. They can be carried or wheeled on a trolley, which is as part of the package, and can operate in temperatures from -20oc to 60oc. With the cover, the units are IP54, they can be used in all of environments.
All units can come with batteries, reducing the need for you to find a source of electricity to connect to. They come with a heavy duty rubberised output plug as standard, to provide reliable power and connection for the life of the product.

We offer a free trial unit as we are sure that once you try it, you won’t want to send it back.

The unit is suitable for most aircrafts where there is a need for 28vDC power, and our team can advise you of the best units for your particular needs.

  • The units are small and light, for easy handling.
  • Power from 50amp to 6,000amp
  • Units are highly efficient 95%
  • We offer a full range of starter, continuous power and combination units
  • Our units can come with batteries to improve flexibility of use
  • Our units come with trolleys, covers and cabling making them very competitive
  • The units are IP54 (with cover) and suitable for use indoors and outdoors, operating in temperatures of -20Oc to 60Oc
  • We offer short lead times, with many units are in stock.
  • We boast a wide range of installations suitable for all aircraft
  • We are true manufacture, and can produce a bespoke unit to most specifications.