From Power Systems International, comes the EF20 series of uninterruptible power supply systems. Made to meet industrial requirements, the UPS has been designed to operate continuously for at least two decades.

The EF20 is a high quality, reliable power source suitable for the most critical load applications. The engineering design, construction and performance specification of the rectifiers, inverters and operating systems have been developed from extensive operational duty experience in many types of applications and in demanding environmental conditions. Aerospace applications include (but are not limited to) navigation aids, radar sites, conveyor systems, terminal lighting, flight departure/arrival boards, baggage handling and airport monorails.

The EF20 is unaffected by environments contaminated by electro-magnetic conducted and radiated emissions or by plasma discharges, which are responsible for causing operational instability and unreliability of the microprocessor control logic used in the commercial types of UPS systems and other power conversion systems.

The engineering standard, mechanical construction, ingress protection and thermal management of air flow control within this type of UPS enclosure ensure the system’s operation in high ambient temperatures, humid conditions and in an environment where dust and vapours are present. The control logic is housed in a shielded logic section, enabling the system to operate in the most contaminated environmental conditions.

Extensive features:

  • Control logic uses discrete sections dedicated for the rectifier, inverter and static bypass
  • The rectifier, inverter and bypass sections can be operated as individual elements
  • Inverter can be started from the battery without the rectifier operating
  • Designed to start and run without a battery connected
  • Inverter provided with integral isolation output transformer and a static interrupter
  • Electro-mechanical contactors are not used in the inverter output circuit
  • True Active On-line Double Conversion topology
  • High performance PWM inverters – exceptional high efficiency performance and ability to handle high crest factor non-linear loads
  • Galvanic isolation between battery and output
  • Optional galvanic isolation at input
  • Three phase input and single phase output up to 100kVA (EF21)
  • Three phase input and three phase output in sizes up to 200kVA (EF23)
  • 6 pulse rectifier, 12 pulse rectifier (optional)
  • Data-logger and battery test data
  • Volt free contacts for remote alarms
  • RS485 Port for remote data monitoring
  • SNMP Adaptor for remote monitoring via LAN
  • Battery earth leakage alarm
  • Temperature compensation for battery charging
  • Low battery voltage disconnect
  • Rectifier input isolation (optional)
  • Inverter output isolation transformer
  • Available as a frequency converter 50Hz/60Hz, 60Hz/50Hz
  • Ingress protection IP30 – (IP31,IP42 and IP55 options)
  • Analogue metering (optional)
  • Engraved mimic panel with LED power flow status (optional)
  • Designed and made in the UK