ALTYS Technologies’ POCKET test tool has recently been selected by Embraer for the testing of data link functions based on VHF, including ACARS, VDL Mode 2, and ATN. The system has been successfully delivered this month to the Brazilian airframer’s facility in Melbourne, FL.

Embraer, a leading manufacturer of commercial jets, will use POCKET to validate next-generation communications applications embedded in their avionics equipment, including CPDLC, ADS-C, DCL, and D-ATIS.

POCKET emulates ground networks to provide quick validation of airborne data communications systems. With a lightweight, portable design and a simple graphical user interface, POCKET facilitates rapid connectivity testing inside the aircraft hangar or at the airport gate. It also provides automated in-depth reports for post-test analysis and troubleshooting through access to the POCKET web portal.

Based on ALTYS’s suite of confirmed test solutions, POCKET was released last year in response to the industry’s growing need for a light, portable data link testing solution.