MEP has announced the introduction of the CRU990 Gateway for ED137.

The CRU990 connects any old radio with E&M signalling to an ED137B VOIP system or to interface an analogue voice switch to ED137B enabled radio.

"No airport in the world will transfer all their equipment at one go," Werner van Eck, director of MEP states. "That is the reason why we would like to provide customers with an affordable migration path.

"Whether you replace radios from analogue to ED137 and keep the rest of your voice switch analogue, or if you upgrade your switch to ED137 without upgrading your radios, the CRU990 product provides you with a cost-effective, operation and future-proof migration path.

"The CRU990 supports up to four radios and eight audio streams. This makes a migration of your system possible during operation, at your own time and within your budget."

The CRU990 is available now. To download a free brochure, click here.