YCD Multimedia

YCD Multimedia has announced the release of version 3.7.1 of its popular Cnario Digital Signage Suite to the European and Asian markets. The latest release brings key improvements in its support of HTML5 and other important bug fixes.

Originally introduced in version 3.7, the HTML5 item allowed users to display and run HTML5 content on the Cnario Digital Signage Suite Platform. The Item supported both widgets and online URLs, with built-in authentication for secure content, and WebKit compliance for excellent compatibility.

Version 3.7.1 brings two important new features for HTML5 content:

  • Device control API – allowing HTML5 content to communicate with content and elements ("devices") in the Cnario system, opening up opportunities for localisation of content, data links to / from connected devices, multi-player gaming, high resolution interactives and more
  • HTML5 Failover & Recovery provides graceful handling of errors or issues resulting from intermittent internet connections. During playback, if an error in a user-provided URL is detected the system will automatically "fail over" to backup URL or stored content. Once the monitored URL no longer returns an error, the system can automatically "recover" to the original URL

Additional enhancements include:

  • Faster content distribution – Thanks to a revamped process and data optimisation, version 3.7.1 shortens deployment times for complex content by as much as 60% compared with 3.7. Furthermore, background processing ensures users can continue working within the system immediately after initiating a content transfer
  • Improved Sequence (timeline) nesting makes it simpler to create complex synchronised sequences
  • 4K Support – support for content playback and distribution to 4K capable displays
  • Cnario Digital Signage Suite version 3.7.1 is now available in new or upgrade licenses. The new version will be powering all the display elements at the Coca Cola Lounge for the second year at CineEurope 2015. The lounge will focus on showcasing how creative digital signage can be used within cinemas to create immersive and interactive experiences that increase not only guest engagement but also revenue