BEUMER Group UK has been selected to carry out a major upgrade on the baggage handling system (BHS) at London Stansted Airport, UK.

The leading global supplier of automated BHSs has been offered the contract by Manchester Airports Group (MAG).

The upgrade utilises the BEUMER autover® independent carrier system (ICS), known for its one-bag-per-carrier/tote efficient design that increases traceability and security at every stage of the handling process. The design of the new BHS is easily scalable and allows for any future expansions to London Stansted Airport.

The new BEUMER autover® system, in addition to the integration of the new ECAC 3 compliant explosive detection system (EDS) machines for hold baggage screening (HBS), will enable the airport to comply with the latest regulatory guidance on European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3 and guidance from the Department for Transport (DfT).

The BEUMER autover® independent carrier system is heralded as among the most radical advances in airport efficiency and security to emerge during the last decade

BEUMER Group UK Airports Division managing director Peter Gilks said: "The process of complying with ECAC Standard 3 is an opportunity to transform the BHS to deliver increased efficiency and performance.

"Using BEUMER Group’s proven Standard 3 compliance methodology helps to offset, and partly compensate for, additional BHS costs through greater efficiency."

Numerous major airports worldwide are also working with BEUMER to transform essential regulatory BHS compliance in an opportunity to improve efficiency.