Power Systems International’s IPS series 400Hz cable reeler is designed for use with 400Hz frequency converters. This lightweight cable-reeling unit provides a cost-effective and simple means for stowing and extending flexible cable harness used for delivering ground power to aircraft. The lightweight and compact design allows one-person operation to be performed with ease and safety.

In order to reduce the weight and ease the handling and mobility, the base is made from 3.5mm aluminium plate supported on heavy-duty lockable castors. Vertical ‘H’ frame columns are mounted on each side of the base unit to provide a strong and sturdy support for the cable drum and components.

The cable reeler has a tubular steel outer rim welded onto substantial stiffening members and fixed to the drum. The large diameter rim allows the drum to be rotated with little effort for rewinding the 400Hz cable. The inner surfaces of the reeler rim and drum have minimum friction contact surfaces thus the risk of wear and tear is much lower than with mechanised cable-coiling systems.

An optional manual hand wheel can be provided for the operator to manually control more precisely the speed of the drum rotation depending on length and type of cable used. A locking facility is mounted directly onto the reel shaft with nine holding positions.

The basic cable reeler is designed to store
up to 22m of four core twisted flexible 400Hz
cable or a composite multi-core custom cable
fitted with standard aircraft connector.
A socket is provided on the base of the
reeler to stow the standard aircraft
connector as used with the 90kVA
400Hz frequency converter when
the cable is fully retracted.