iRes, the New Generation Passenger Services System from IBS Software Services (P) Ltd. was launched at the IATA Passenger Services 2002 exhibition held at New Orleans from October 14-16.

iRes is developed as an integrated, multi-hosting system which will comprehensively address passenger reservations, inventory control, fares & ticketing, and departure control functions of commercial airlines. The functional coverage and packaging of the product is such that it will address the needs of both sophisticated full service carriers as well as that of low cost operators. iRes is designed to help airlines reduce costs, improve service quality, and improve revenues and profitability whilst actually spending less on the systems, which facilitate this.

iRes being a futuristic system is built on the latest technologies and is scalable and easily customizable to suit the diverse business needs of various airlines. Technologically, iRes marks the beginning of a new era of opportunities for passenger services, shifting away from the decades long legacy paradigm. Unlike legacy systems, process changes can be easily implemented, thanks to the object oriented, component architecture of iRes. With its multi-hosting capability, iRes also becomes an attractive option for hosting service providers.

iRes – Key functional areas

 Booking & Reservation Services

 Schedule and Schedule Management

 Availability & Timetable Display

 Flight and Space Control

 Inventory Control

 Messaging

 Private Fares & Ticketing

 Passenger Check-in – Boarding Pass printing, Bag Tag printing

 Baggage Reconciliation

 Load Control

 MIS and Decision Support

iRes – A value proposition designed around your needs

 Supports business models of low cost to full service carriers, and facilitates easy business process changes.

 Creates a new product distribution dimension promoting direct participation by the customer based on your business model

 Enhances the revenue earning potential by providing sophisticated inventory and yield management capabilities

 Facilitates outsourcing of airline operational functions, promoting and supporting the concept of virtual airline operation for maximizing economies of scale and internationalizing costs

 Effectively supports both ASP operations and cost-effective in-house operations

 Low cost of ownership and system operations