London Heathrow’s second largest airline and Star Alliance member, bmi, has selected iFly Loyalty, a product line under IBS’ iFly solution suite, to manage the loyalty programmes for its passengers.

The comprehensive new-generation software will help the airline administer its frequent flier programme (FFP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities such as campaign management, feedback management, fraud detection, and management information and analytics. With the installation of iFly Loyalty, bmi, which has a fleet of over 50 aircraft and operates in excess of 1,800 flights a week, is expected to derive considerable agility to drive its aggressive marketing initiatives and build a loyal client base. iFly Loyalty will enable bmi to better integrate with other Star Alliance member airlines.

Star Alliance, with over 16,500 daily flights to 912 destinations in 159 countries, is the world’s largest airline network, offering customers a worldwide reach for earning, redemption and recognition. iFly Loyalty was chosen, after extensive market research and evaluation by bmi, to support its loyalty programmes, including Diamond Club, Highflyers and Company Rewards. The software was chosen for its superior functionality, technical prowess and support.

The uniqueness of the product is the ‘rules engine’ functionality which offers flexibility to airlines by enabling them to create multiple rules to run the loyalty programme. iFly Loyalty is the only loyalty management system to offer such a function. This feature helps accrual and redemption of mileage points and all elements of programme design and management. Loyalty managers and the marketing department can make changes to the loyalty programme structures without the involvement of the IT department. iFly Loyalty’s scalability will enable bmi to keep pace with the constantly evolving preferences of its customers and to respond proactively to market dynamics. The software is the outcome of a multi-million dollar investment fuelling two years of R&D at IBS. The solution is unique, since a core group of influence (CGI) consisting of leading airlines shared requirements and was involved in product development. The result is a product that has been built for the industry, guided by the end users themselves.

Juliet Hutchin, head of loyalty at bmi, said, “For the first time, we will have a single customer database housing all of our loyalty programmes, and a great system which equips us with the tools to deepen the relationship we have with our customers. With the capability and flexibility of iFly Loyalty, we’ll really be able to unlock the revenue-generating potential of our loyalty programmes through personalised customer communication and highly targeted campaign activity.”

“Those airlines that can effectively attract, serve and retain the best customers will see significant positive effects on their bottom line profitability,” says V. K. Mathews, chairman and CEO of IBS Group. “With a turbulent global economy, the challenges of building strong customer relationships have become even greater. iFly Loyalty helps retain customers by improving customer service quality. We are confident that our system will enable bmi to gain competitive advantage.”