Sri Lanka disposes of a new tool for the testing and analysis of surveillance data. The German ATC specialist COMSOFT has provided the Control Centre in Colombo with RAPS-3, the next generation of the company’s highly regarded ASTERIX Test and Reference Tool.
KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, October 2007 – Airport & Aviation Services
(Sri Lanka) Limited (AASL) has been provided with a new toolset for the testing, analysis and validation of surveillance data.

The COMSOFT product RAPS-3 is the new generation of the RAPS-II tool, the only available system qualified by EUROCONTROL as ASTERIX Reference Product. It will be employed at the ATC site in Colombo.
RAPS-3 disposes of enriched ASTERIX analysis capability and an innovative HMI that supports multiple user environments.

Due to a versatile data import, virtually all existing surveillance data formats can be processed. Furthermore, the new XML scenario concept and the command line interface allow the control of RAPS-3 via third party tools in automated test environments.

Sri Lanka is the first country in Asia employing the new RAPS-3 system. In Europe, the first RAPS-3 was delivered last year to the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre in Bretigny, France. Since then, several users have replaced their former RAPS-II systems with the new generation. The RAPS product line has seen an impressive roll-out as a highly versatile toolset throughout nearly all European countries since its first appearance back in the Nineties.
COMSOFT GmbH was established in 1979 and has been active in the ATC domain for 20 years, having gained a world-wide reputation in this market.