Building on the proven and successful AGNIS system developed by ALSTOM using a 750W filament lamp, we can now offer the latest version utilising LEDs.

The new model offers many significant advantages such as:

  • Lower power consumption at 30W max. (typically 10W)
  • 80,000hrs life
  • Sealed unit (no maintenance)
  • Reduced weight
  • Hard wearing plastic construction
  • Controllable brightness

The unit is fully interchangeable with the old unit, having the same footprint and running off 240V.

Optional extras include automatic light adjustment to day or night conditions and a solar powered version (subject to local conditions).

LEDs Take-Up Picking Up Pace

The AGNIS is not the only LED product ALSTOM – Airports can provide. Interest in LED airfield lighting solutions for taxiways is growing and growing. With today’s tough constraints on power consumption and maintenance costs, LEDs give you a big helping hand in cutting those costs. With lamp life in the region of 50,000 hours or more, regular lamp changes become a thing of the past and power consumption reduced by more than ten fold. It is not hard to see why airfields are moving over to LED systems.

For taxiway lighting ALSTOM can provide power converters with the fittings to enable retrofitting into existing circuits. For new circuits CCR’s can provide exactly what’s required for LED operation and control. ALSTOM manufacture LED versions for taxiway inset and elevated fittings, as well as wigwags and obstruction lights.


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