Crisplant, a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling systems, will highlight its solutions for complete automated baggage handling at Passenger Terminal Expo, 29-31 March 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark.

During the Expo, Crisplant, part of the BEUMER Group will demonstrate its complete baggage handling system integration capabilities, and confirm its comprehensive focus on delivering energy efficient systems.

Delegates visiting the stand can watch a video explaining how autover®, BEUMER’s latest intelligent baggage handling system, has increased efficiency at Toulouse Airport, and visitors will be able to experience first-hand, through a model version, the autover system and its PDA controlled software.

Further on-stand videos will demonstrate Helsinki Airport’s new baggage handling system, which features the energy-efficient tote-based conveyor system, CrisBag®, a high-speed baggage transport system and the energy efficient LS-4000 high speed tilt-tray sorter.

On 31 March, Changi Airport Group (Singapore), owner of one of the most advanced and passenger-friendly airports in the world, team up with Crisplant to present their shared experiences from the operation of Changi Airport’s Terminal three, where Crisplant designed and integrated, and has a residential service contract for, the operation and maintenance of the baggage handling systems.

Crisplant managing director, Klaus Schäfer said: “Crisplant has continually helped the airport industry to set new benchmarks for higher operational and environmental efficiency and reduced operational costs, through the development and implementation of new baggage handling technologies. This has enabled Crisplant to partner some of the most high-profile and prestigious airports around the world in delivering the most technologically advanced baggage handling systems.”

Visitors flying into Copenhagen will witness first-hand Crisplant’s baggage handling system expertise. Copenhagen Airport and Crisplant’s partnership spans more than two decades and one of the latest projects has been the world’s first installation of Crisplant’s RampMate system at Terminal three. This breakthrough in the baggage handling process provides the missing link in bulk baggage flow by bridging the gap between the terminal and the aircraft ramp. By replacing manual handling with a fully automated, hands-free system for make-up and loading onto the ramp, RampMate significantly lowers cost and improves handling efficiencies.