atg airports have recently been successful in securing the design and build contract for the refurbishment of the airfield ground lighting systems associated with the planned runway resurfacing at London Luton Airport.

Having completed the concept and detailed design, the enabling works installations commenced in October 2005. The enabling works involve the installation of a complete new perimeter pit and duct system to facilitate the installation of both temporary and new AGL system cabling and equipment. The works also include the provision of all new AGL cabling and equipment associated with the replacement of the CATIII services. A full temporary CAT1 system is to be installed, so that the CATIII system can be decommissioned on the commencement of the main contract works, affording free access to the pavement areas for runway resurfacing. atg airports are acting as designer and principle contractor on this phase of the works, responsible for all civil, electrical and AGL installations. These are being implemented during short night-time possessions between midnight and 4am.

The installation of the new CATIII equipment such as transformers, luminaires and secondary cabling within the pavement areas and final commissioning will be carried out during the next phase in conjunction with the main contract resurfacing works which are due to start in March 2006. atg airports are proud to announce we have also been successful in the award of this sub-contract and look forward to working with Lagan Construction during this next phase of the works.