Sensing specialist IEE presented its innovative access control solutions, the award-winning Tailgate Detector and the People Counter at the ExpoProtection show, which took place on 2-5 November in Paris.

The Tailgate Detector works with security systems by intercepting the signal emitted from an ID reader (badge system, RFID, biometrics) and determining the status of the access point (open or closed). The sensor then establishes whether a single individual is attempting entry, and in the event of dual or unauthorised entry, triggers an alarm or locks the access point.

As the Tailgate Detector is an overhead-mounted sensor, it provides a minimal impact solution, complimenting or even eliminating the need for barriers and gates. Using 3D MLI Sensor™ technology that is robust to high-traffic, low / no lighting, dynamic lighting and variable temperatures, the Tailgate Detector is more reliable than passive infrared imager, scanner or video-based 2D systems currently available on the market.

The Tailgate Detector comes in two product varieties: the TDflex™ for tailgate detection at standard, swinging, sliding and virtual doors and optical or mechanical turnstiles; and the TDtrap™, which monitors individual access to two-door access points such as mantraps, airlocks and transfer gates.

IEE’s People Counter, also based on MLI Sensor technology, provides real-time data on the number of people moving through a specific detection area, and can be used for wrong way detection, bidirectional counting, wait-time determination and queue management applications. The People Counter holds an unprecedented 99.6% accuracy rate and allows for historic data analysis, data aggregation and time plotting to perform precise calculations such as the average time an individual spends inside a particular zone. Possible applications include occupancy monitoring to comply with maximum or minimum occupancy requirements, or to trigger demand-controlled-ventilation (DCV).