IBS Software Services, a leading supplier of software services for the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industries, has won the contract from the Department of Sea Ports and Customs, Government of Sharjah, against international competition, for implementing its integrated port management solution, iPort™ for the ports managed by it. iPort™ will be implemented at 3 major ports in Sharjah, namely Mina Khalid, Khor Fakkan and Hamriyah.

Department of Sea Ports and Customs, Government of Sharjah manages all the three major ports in Sharjah, namely Mina Khalid, Khor Fakkan and Hamriyah. Mina Khalid is the first major port of call within the Arabian Gulf. The Department had been seeking an integrated solution to automate the operations of their Marine, Traffic, Accounts, Engineering, Personnel and Real Estate departments and selected iPort™ as their product of choice after detailed evaluations.

Commenting on the Sharjah Ports venture, the Director General of Sharjah Ports, Mr. Issa Jumma Al Muttawa, says: ‘We have been looking at various options for the port management initiative and, after a rigorous selection process, have found IBS equipped to carry out this development and implementation’. He said that IBS was selected because of its competence in the transportation and logistics domain, and their professional approach to providing quality IT solutions cost effectively.

iPort™ is a comprehensive and fully integrated port management solution that supports the entire gamut of port operations ranging from voyage pre-notification, marine operations, cargo & container operations, yard management to billing of all services rendered by the port. iPort™ visualises the entire port operations as integration of individual functions, optimally planned, co-ordinated and managed to provide a seamless service chain to the port users community. Pre-notification of vessels, marine operations like piloting, berthing, container and cargo discharge and loading and subsequent delivery and invoicing of various services are all part of a larger entity providing the basic facilities.

iPort™ consists of a generic suite of modules, which cohesively address all the core operational requirements of ports worldwide. Separate modules cater to payroll & personnel, real estate management and engineering maintenance requirements of ports. Comprehensive statistical performance reports from the product aid port management in monitoring operational performance and also for better informed strategic decision making to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. iPort™ provides scalability to suit specific needs as port operations increase in size and complexity. Selective role based access to the application for remote and corporate users ensures data privacy and security.

In the modern era, transportation services are developing into an integral part of production and marketing strategies; carriers have become supply chain managers and port users have assumed the role of multimodal operators. Ports are being transformed into areas where highly sophisticated logistics activities are coordinated. Against this background, ports need to be in a position to act quickly and decisively. In recognition of these factors, iPort has been designed to support ports in the transition from a traditional transportation node to supply chain partner.

Mr. KRS Nair, Accounts Manager, SPA says ‘We are impressed with the high level of professionalism, knowledge and adaptability of IBS’ people. Their willingness to work towards understanding our unique business challenges and customising the iPort™ system to meet these challenges have been exceptional. We look forward to the successful implementation of iPort™ and to a productive partnership with IBS.’ He said that the customisation and phased implementation would help in aligning the iPort™ system perfectly with the processes currently existing in the ports.

‘It is a strategic relationship for IBS and we will be committed to making it a big success’ says Mr. V K Mathews, CEO IBS Software Services. ‘Our experience and expertise in the transportation and logistics arena is our key strength behind building functionally and technologically superior software solutions to our customers worldwide. The Sharjah Port-IBS tie up is a major business opportunity, and we are confident that this will be a stepping stone for future successes in the region.’

IBS Software Services is a software development and support services company with global headquarters in India, and sales and business development offices in Atlanta (USA), Zurich (Europe), Dubai (Middle East) and Singapore (Asia-Pacific). Operating out of Technopark, Trivandrum, IBS is the largest exporter of software from Kerala, and is a leading supplier of IT services to the travel, transportation and logistics industries worldwide.