Power Systems International has supplied its new EL series of solid state frequency converters with 400Hz output for Zodiac Aircraft Services’ avionics repair workshops at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

These compact dimensioned frequency converters can be configured for single module or in parallel operation to provide 400Hz power through a ring main distribution system for individual point-of-use power outlets.

Single module point-of-use 400Hz aircraft ground power frequency converters

The single module 400Hz point-of-use application converters can also be used for installation adjacent to aircraft parking positions, or fitted to the passenger loading bridges. They are simple to connect to normal available mains sources and can be located close to the aircraft point-of-use without the need for line drop compensators, supplementary transformers, specialised pits, ducts or other apron-excavation work.

The frequency converters can be provided with tele-metering, a remote monitoring feature that allows full observation of critical functions, operational behaviour, interfacing with the connected load and the power consumption at the point of use.

Power Systems International offers design consultancy and project management for the application of frequency converter systems and power distribution for connecting into existing or new apron pit systems. Power Systems International also supplies automatic cable handling and retrieval systems for passenger loading bridge mounting, for use at the apron point of aircraft parking and ground service.

Single module frequency converter sizes

The EL series 400Hz frequency converters are available in capacities of 2kVA to 25kVA with single-phase output and from 7.5kVA to 300kVA with three-phase output. The input stage can use six-pulse or 12-pulse rectifiers; the inverters use IGBT PWM commutating technology. The indoor maintenance hangar versions have ingress protection P21, the outdoor versions have IP54 protection.

Dual-module frequency converter – 2 x 90kVA in a single enclosure

A new dual 2 x 90kVA version frequency converter system is now available built into in a single enclosure measuring only 1,500mm wide x 800mm deep x 1,800mm high. This compact unit contains 12 pulse rectifier and two separate 90kVA inverters with two separate outputs and connections for feeding the wide bodied aircraft that require external power from two input cables.

The output of each inverter can be switched to deliver power through either of the dedicated cables or the outputs can be connected in parallel.

The control logic detection circuit on all of the EL series converters synchronises the output to the on-board aircraft 400Hz service and thus ensures there is a no-break transfer of power to the aircraft power distribution system when the converter is connected.