Nilfisk-Advance, the global leader in professional cleaning equipment, announces the introduction of its model UHB 51-1500 walk-behind battery burnisher.

This powered traction burnisher includes a number of new and improved features and a new, modernised design. According to a company spokesperson, these upgrades significantly improve performance and offer substantial productivity savings.

Amongst the features mentioned by the company are the self-regulating pad pressure that eliminates operator adjustments and human error, and the excellent dust control with HEPA filtration as an option. The machine has an on-board battery charger that can be used at any convenient electrical outlet, simplified controls for easier operating, a low noise
level, and maintenance free gel batteries in its accessory equipment.

The Nilfisk UHB 51-1500 is intended for the restoration and upkeep of a high-gloss shine on medium / large hard-floor areas. Typical applications include supermarkets, department stores, hotel and office building
lobbies and hospitals.