INFORM announced that Acciona Airport Services (AAS) has decided to install the GroundStar RealTime system at Palma de Mallorca airport.

The system creates and assigns tasks to resources on the day of operation and also tracks ground handling operation activities. GS RealTime will be used to assign passenger services, gate services, ramp services, aircraft push-back, loading and baggage services staff, as well as crew transport, operations marshalling and GSE such as stairs, ACU and GPU. State-of-the-art communication channels secure a seamless information flow so, for example, the turnaround supervision and air bridge departments will be able to receive and send task and status information using special dialogues on their PDAs. The staff notification package will be implemented for task assignments and to capture task data in the customer services area. StaffNotification is a GroundStar intranet data exchange communication application that provides web-based access to GS RealTime, so that AAS’s employees will be able to receive task and assigned and underlying flight details, update the task status and enter relevant data via a browser-based user interface. GroundStar will be made accessible on existing terminals in the check-in area.

GroundStar information will also be displayed on tablet PCs on board passenger buses. Using touch screens the bus drivers will be able to receive and confirm tasks as well as activate pre-recorded voice messages for passengers giving departure and arrival information. This information will be aircraft and flight specific and be provided in languages consistent with the respective flight origin or destination.

The GroundStar business intelligence system will also be used to create reports from the system’s live, historical and statistical databases, with the option of connecting to an external AAS database and retrieving reports via the internet. Rollout has already begun and will support the 800 AAS ground handling staff at Palma de Mallorca airport (PMI). Acciona Airport Services is one of the main handling operators in Spain and Germany, providing services to 250 airlines at eight airports. Palma and Frankfurt are its largest operations.

AAS director of operations, Victor Carballo said: “The established performance of GS RealTime will help us further ensure the level of service for customers who rely on us to fulfill their high standards of quality.”

INFORM’s director of business development, Carlos Sanjuan, welcomes AAS to the GroundStar family. INFORM is a team of raised-in-industry ICT professionals who research, develop and deliver software solutions to improve airport and ground handling logistics operations and provide consulting services. INFORM’s flagship suite of products, GroundStar, is used by over 50 organisations in more than 200 airports worldwide.