Airports are looking at what it will take to make fliers feel comfortable in their facilities again. That is sure to be no small feat. In total, over 70 different areas in the passenger journey are expected to either change or to be reintroduced from scratch to restore confidence in flying after Covid-19.

Getting airport staff back to work quickly and safely

Airport managers, fixed-base operators (FBOs), airport operations companies and contractors are working hard to ensure that Covid-19 procedures are included in training for employees as they return to work.

It can be particularly challenging to train (and retrain) employees as multiple, sometimes nested laws, regulations, requirements and guidelines change rapidly. Airport policies and procedures must therefore evolve rapidly to stay in compliance.

Motive Learning has a customisable solution to help them get airport teams up to speed quickly.

MicroCert™ eLearning provides standardised training

Wellness in the Workplace – The Covid-19 Edition is a simple, easy to navigate course that includes Covid-19 recommended health and safety practices to limit exposure and the spread of infectious illness in group settings. The customisable, 30-minute course can be deployed quickly. Employees can take the course from any computer or mobile device. Attendance is tracked, and a 15 question final assessment must be completed to receive a Motive Learning MicroCert™ certificate.

Course complies with CDC and OSHA guidance

The course provides general health guidelines and Covid-19 recommendations from the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and meets the CAL/OSHA COVID-19 Employee Training requirement for Employers not covered by the Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (ATD) Standard.

Managers can easily track completion via the Motive Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure that requirements are met.

A customisable course that can adapt as guidelines change

Each airport or facility is different. Each has its own unique requirements and needs, so the course is fully customisable.

“We know that managers need to adapt quickly as guidelines change,” said Motive Learning owner Karla Roberts. “So we’ve started with the standard course and made it very easy to customize with an introduction video that managers can use to help their employees feel comfortable and up to date as they return to work. We’re also including a full year of content updates with the annual licensing. You won’t have to budget additional monies for when policies and procedures change due to Covid-19.”

Scalable pricing for any size operation

The course is included with the purchase of the MotiveLMS Learning Management System. Pricing is scalable by feature needs and organization size and starts at $3,600.

Larger organizations will find it helpful to create several versions, customised by location. Each version can include photos and video of local staff and equipment for better specificity, comprehension, and a truly ‘in-house’ feel.

The course is hosted on the robust Motive LMS Learning Management System, the only learning management system developed for and used extensively in the aviation industry.

The Motive Learning Company includes experienced aviation industry instructional designers ready to assist with any training challenge.