After years cooperating with our customers and evaluation, a new Mobby2 has been designed.

The traditional Mobby (Caddy3) will remain available for the customers that already use this Mobby.

Differences between Mobby2 and Mobby include:

  • More compact size, shorter length
  • Smaller castor wheels, wheels do not interfere with the passenger’s feet while turning
  • Lower sideways boarding as the side to the castor wheels is lowered
  • The patented transport fixations for restoring Mobbies and the possibility to drive with multiple passengers in combination with the e-Mobby or Mobby-Mover are included
  • When parked the Mobby is more space-saving as the Mobby2 is deeper stackable


Mobby does not tip over when someone steps onto the footplate. Passengers feet are protected. Safety braking system – Mobby is on the brake when it is not in use.


Armrest and footplate are swing-up and cannot be detached from the Mobby. Strong and rigid. Low maintenance and durable; low operating costs.

Special strong double painting to avoid damage. Unpainted parts are from stainless-steel.

Stackable; space-saving. Available with several options, such as luggage rack, keylock, nameplate and seatbelt, see options.


Mobby patented transport fixations available. Mobby’s can be equipped with patented fixations.

Mobby can be connected with each other and be moved in a row. Great feature when collecting empty Mobby’s.

In combination with an e-Mobby or Mobby-Mover, driving with two or three passengers is possible. Ergonomic and cost-saving.