INFORM has presented a major development for one of its key software solutions for the aviation business.

The new version of INFORM’s planning solution GS Planning Staff & Equipment enables plans to be created on monthly intervals. Planners will no longer have to create multiple weekly scenarios and then manually merge them in order to plan for a longer period.

Also, the longer period of time makes it much easier to create plans on seasonal flight schedules.

The solution effectively addresses questions such as: How many staff and equipment are required? What is the optimal shift plan to meet my operational demands? How can I create a plan that comes to my SLA’s? Do I have sufficient capacity to serve additional flights? How can I continuously improve the quality of plans?

“From our regular customer feedbacks, we saw the increasing demand for a solution that would enable to create optimal plans beyond the typical weekly time interval”, says Altay Fellah, vice-president business development of INFORM’s aviation division. “We used the opportunity to enhance our GS Planning Staff & Equipment solution in order to meet this requirement.”

The planning solution GS Planning Staff & Equipment supports the strategic, tactical and operational planning of staff and ground services equipment (GSE). The solution has been enhanced to generate plans for extended time intervals.

Benefits for customers

GS Planning Staff & Equipment is already in use at dozens of major airports all around the world with great success. The first installations of the new enhancement are in use in Europe and North America where they are receiving a very positive reception.

Customers have cited benefits including maximised capacity utilisation, higher productivity, customer satisfaction through ensuring SLA compliance, improved staff motivation through plans considering employee workload, fairness and preferences.

The enhanced solution, when combined with the planner’s experience, expertise and strategic know-how, is helping to pave the way for optimum results.