Brüel & Kjær’s airport noise and operations monitoring system (ANOMS) is a complete solution for accurate monitoring and management of noise and operations at any size airport. Last year the company introduced the latest version of the system, ANOMS 9, to its customers.

ANOMS 9 provides more flexibility in where you do your work. Users can carry out tasks in a lightweight, web browser interface, using mobile applications and the industry-leading Smart Client.

Complaints handling staff can leverage the power of ANOMS while working in a simple and tailored web browser application. NMTs can be monitored on the go using a mobile phone application. ANOMS 9 speeds up your working day by learning from your data to identify flights and noise that should be checked and flagging items for checking.

ANOMS 9 provides tailored workflows that optimise everyday tasks such as responding to complaints and checking for data issues. New data analysis processes are being introduced to allow you to get key insights faster, including enhanced zone analysis functionality. New data driven processing means that when data arrives in the system, it’s immediately processed which means you get your answers quicker.

The ANOMS 9 Smart Client is now 64 bit capable, leveraging modern hardware capacity. We also provide you with mobile companion apps that let you manage work with your system on the go, including noise monitor levels, a dashboard to alert you to what needs your attention, WebTrak control and ticket management. A major overhaul to reporting delivers improved ease of use and more capable reporting.

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