World ATM Congress

The third annual World ATM Congress will take place again in Madrid from Tuesday 10 March to Thursday 12 March 2015, this year focusing on the data driven demands of the future and sustainable ATM, under the theme ‘Smart Choices in a Challenging Environment’.

Session One of the congress, ‘Smart Choices in an Interconnected World’, will look at data demands and how to prepare for the future. COMSOFT will consequently be introducing their automated Aeronautical Billing solution (CAB) at the Spotlight theatre on Wednesday 11 March, from 3.15pm to 3.45pm.

CAB simplifies the difficult, and usually operator based billing process, for ANSPs and Airport operators and is an essential solution for all ATM or AODB systems. CAB is intuitive and user friendly, and its flexible interface accomplishes the most automated revenue retrieval, being designed to directly interface with the EUROCONTROL Route Charging Office hosts, guaranteeing an automated and smooth data exchange while minimising time-consuming claims and entry adjustments.

Session Two, ‘Smart Choices for Building Sustainable ATM Networks’, will discuss the growing need for seamless ATM delivery that recognises diverse customer requirements. For this COMSOFT will have ATM automation solution PRISMA ready for demonstration at stand 1135, showing how all modern air navigation service functions can be coordinated and combined, enabling proactive solutions, predictive situational awareness and the optimisation of arrival times. PRISMA’s modular design allows it to be adapted to different environments and easily expanded to fit individual customer requirements.

COMSOFT’s ATN Directory CADIR – an X.500 directory server solution for the ATN/EDS directory – and the EDS concept were presented at WATM last year, and will this year feature on stand 1135, allowing the question of data management to be raised as EDS now moves closer to operational status.

Also at stand 1135 will be COMSOFT’s core AIM database CADAS-AIMDB and additional electronic aeronautical information publication tool CADAS-EPS, COMSOFT’s next generation of Surveillance Data Distribution System (SDDSNG), along with the German expert’s superior Quadrant ADS-B / Multilateration surveillance solution, including VSAT capability.

Data management is already at the core of all aviation activities, and harmonising and streamlining services is the key to becoming more efficient and cost effective, aptly preparing us for the data-driven demands of the future. COMSOFT’s significance to advanced data processing system ARTAS was also recently demonstrated when EUROCONTROL again awarded COMSOFT with the important Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Support (CAMOS) Industrial Partner contract enabling the continued and sustained level of ARTAS support expected by its vast circle of users.

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